I first contacted George back in May after seeing a notice advertising a dog talk by a ‘dog psychologist’ listing the ususal dog difficulties – constant barking, dog pays no attention, runs away, obsessed by other dogs unfortunately i could answer yes to all of these. I have a 22 month old Australian Shepherd whose main problem was constant barking for attention when he was outside and could not walk past any dog without wanting to play or getting too much in its face causing problems – he is a very bouncy in your face sort of dog.

The barking was worrying me to the point where i was dreading a visit from the dog warden, however it was easily solved on George’s advice and he has never barked excessively again if he does bark all it takes is 1 ‘be quiet’ and it stops. In fact we went to visit a friend and Thibault was barking like mad at her husband so i said quiet and he intstantly stopped, the feeling that yes i could control my dog was quite amazing.

The meeting other dogs was a different ball game George made him walk around the dogs on our street who fly off at him he had him wrapped round his little finger oh Thibault knew he could not step a paw out of line he did not even look at them, the authority George had over him was outstanding Thibault’s whole demenour had changed he was doing as he was told, George was not rough or aggressive he was just in control. So George left and i had to carry on the good work my problem is I anticipate too many problems – is he going to see a rabbit, or a sheep or a dog or a duck or a biker anxious is not the word so for a number of weeks all seemed to go well dog not doing bad but I did not really seem to have the control i wanted and then we got in to a few scrapes and fights and as nobody else seems to be able to control their dogs i felt i was back at square one so i called in George again and I saw him today it went really well, he brought Ruby and showed me how to introduce dogs to each other properly back end first we stopped and talked to several dogs Thibault calmed down and seemed to tune in again, I know i can control my dog and am determined to do so which is why i can’t tell enough peope about George and his good work, the latest problem i had was my mum got a border terrier puppy on Monday and i was worried how i was going to introduce my dog, but with George and Ruby they all got along fine not having eye contact is the key and something i will do now with every dog we meet. Gaining control of my dog is now something i look forward to every time we go out.

Many Thanks