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Testimonials Posted on Sun, September 27, 2009 19:33:37

Dear George, thank you for the walking class last night. I was pleasantly surprised with Mac’s behaviour, yet again you are right, keeping cool and positive is the key. I have passed on your cards and given you a raving review, nothing less than you deserve.

Thanks’ again, Dianne & Mackenzie-Maze.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Testimonials Posted on Sun, September 27, 2009 18:40:47

This dog was a referal from the vets due to .anxiety even when left for short periods The following are updates and correspondence between myself and the client.After a home visit a new regime was worked out .the clients have worked very hard and have made significant progress.

Hello George,

Just a quick update on Max. Everything seems to be progressing nicely, he is becoming much calmer generally and we have left him on his own for quite lengthy periods of time e.g. 4 – 5 hours and he has been fine, not too silly when we have arrived back which again is progress.

Regards, Eileen

Hello Eileen

I am absolutely delighted you are makeing progress with Max YOU and your husband are the ones that are makeing the difference, and need to be congratulated. Anxiety is notoriously difficult to cure and needs consistent treatment over a period of time .You have obviously taken on board my suggestions and are trying to think more like a dog. I would like to see him in the kennel.

Perhaps I could talk to you before and incorperate some behaviour training whilst in the kennel, what you dont want is him going backwards.

regards George

Dear George,

Thanks for the update George, we are back from holiday as of yesterday and Max is still responding well and appears calm and contented.

Our son, picked him up on Thursday and said he was much calmer and settled than usual. Apparently when they arrived home he ran all around the house looking for us but once he realised we weren’t back he settled down immediately

kind regards


Hello Eileen

I took Max out and tried some obedience he responded amazingly I spoke to both girls who deal with him and they said the difference from last time is tremendous. He according to them, has not scratched the door once. His visual calmness is very obvious.

You both need congratulating because you have obviously put some effort in and are carrying out the regime.

regards George