This is a case study that should give hope to many people .But the owner /handlers of BOTH dogs need to take the credit for a fantastic result .Their attitude of not falling into the classic case of it is ALWAYS the other dogs fault and taking JOINT responsibility to sort the problem was a big factor in the progress made.

Many owners just resign themselves to thinking their dogs cannot change .Many can get really frustrated and depressed with the situation.

All I did was demonstrate that their dogs could behave differently together . I am just bringing experience and confidence in the outcome of the meeting.

A presence and authority can work wonders My own calm dogs influence this outcome .When this happens this then inspires the owners.

I can point out certain changes which will help the dog to owner relationship and demonstrate training with my dogs and theirs.

In actual fact the owners think I have changed the dogs. The reality is they have changed the dogs I have changed THEM.

The following is a testimonial that the client offered immediately after the visit.


We contacted George in desperation at the aggression between our boxer – Ruby – and a neighbour’s collie – Bess. We (humans) are good friends and would have loved to have walked the dogs together. But sadly what had started as a few hackles had, over a couple of years, evolved to the extent that we’d turn in opposite directions if we saw each other out walking, with Bess and Ruby tugging manically on their leads and barking horribly.

Ruby had been well socialised with other dogs when we lived in the city, but shortly after we moved to the Dales village where we live, she was attacked by a local farm collie which left her with quite a big hole in her leg. It seemed that she’d become nervous of other dogs, and collies in particular. Bess was also increasingly unimpressed by other dogs passing her house. When we rang George to ask for his help we told him a tale of two dog-aggressive dogs that would probably need a lot of work to get to a point where we could even have them in the same area.

Incredibly – within about 30 minutes, George had them walking together, side-by-side, relaxed, no aggression behaving …

George explained that it wasn’t rocket science . He was just harnessing natural behaviour patterns.

In just over an hour George was off again – and we were staggered – and thrilled – by how quickly he’d turned things around. But could we keep it going?

We both started on new training regimes – picking new tricks to teach the dogs so that we had a focus for the training. Whenever I do intensive training with Ruby I’m reminded of how much she enjoys it. She really loves the attention and responds very well to an audience when we show off what she’s learned.

From the day after George came, we walked the dogs together alternate days. The first couple of times out were hard work – we had to go so fast for the first ten minutes that I was just about ready to go home by the time the dogs got into the swing of it. But within a couple of weeks they were getting used to each other – enough that our friends brought Bess into the garden when it was sunny, and although we kept each dog in their own patch of shade, they relaxed into it really well.

Within a month our experience was completely transformed. We set out with the dogs on their leads and after about 10 minutes walking together they’re able to go off lead. We even had them playing together in the water on a long walk when the weather was fantastic.

We’ve also been able to put the principles George taught us into practice around other dogs. A crowded vet’s waiting room is no longer a problem for Ruby, and Bess recently enjoyed a long walk with about half a dozen other collies – these are things we just imagined were impossible.

The way George worked with the dogs – using his own (gorgeous) dogs to assess their pack behaviour – was incredible. He says it’s just common sense but don’t let that fool you. When your dog is stressed and difficult around other dogs it can make walking them miserable. It has been genuinely life changing for us and our friends, and most of all for Ruby and Bess, who are loving the new regime! .

Dogs and owners relaxed.

No eye contact between dogs. They are now together.

Message from George

Keep up the good work .I myself am encouraged and inspired by clients who get results by THEIR own efforts, good luck and enjoy your dogs .