Flash’s (English Bull Terrier x sighthound) owner Mark texted in to BBC Radio Leeds whilst George was on The Paul Carrington Show asking for advice about his dog who was dog aggressive. Mark contacted George after the show and asked him to visit him and Flash.

Bearing in mind that Mark had been told by a behaviourist and also a dog trainer prior to George’s visit that Flash would never be able to be walked with another dog and that he should be muzzled at all times (Flash, not Mark!). Flash was also excluded from dog training classes.

George went to see him this morning and as you can tell from the photos and subsequent email underneath the photos, the visit was a resounding success.

1st Stage – After an introduction with Ruby, Flash may not be over the moon but he is not displaying any aggression and note NO MUZZLE!

2nd Stage – The owner takes his dog and my dog Ruby for a walk with no problems.

3rd Stage – Owner handling all 3 of my dogs plus his dog, Flash. One calm, non-aggressive dog and one calm, relaxed and empowered owner!


Dear George,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I think that sums up how I feel right now after our

When we got Flash from the rescue center, we very quickly
realised that he had issues with other dogs. When out for a walk, if he saw
another dog he would go into what we called “Kill Mode”. He simply
wanted to go and attack the other dog and due to his strength, was a problem to
control. This aggression is something we have become accustomed to and a part
of our daily life whenever we go out for a walk with Flash and was something we
NEVER thought could be toned down, controlled or re-trained.

So you can now imagine my utter and total surprise and 100%
disbelief when after only 3 minutes with Flash you had him walking with other
dogs and without an ounce of aggression. 3 minutes!

I never thought I would see the day when Flash not only didn’t
react to another dogs presence but would be totally comfortable going for a
walk with THREE other dogs at the side of him. In particular I was amazed when
I took all four dogs for a walk and there wasn’t so much as a woof from
Flash. He was totally relaxed and happy. It was pure joy to watch.

I realise that this is only the start of Flash’s
retraining and socialisation but you have given us the one single thing we have
been wanting for so long – HOPE! We now know that Flash can be socialised with
other dogs if the right dogs are used in the socialisation process and I
am looking forward to attending your training classes.

Finally I must compliment you on the three dogs you brought
with you. I have never seen such well trained, obedient and relaxed dogs
before. Their behaviour when faced with Flash’s initial aggression was
impeccable and I truly believe that they played a MASSIVE part in Flash’s
subsequent reactions and calm demeanour.

Again, THANK YOU George and I look forward to our socialisation


Mark Pearson


UPDATE 20th FEB 2010

Mary, Mark’s wife wanted to see Flash’s new found behaviour around dogs with her own eyes, so George paid them another visit.

Flash looking cool as a cucumber with Ki, Ellie and Ruby

Flash with Ruby in his own backyard. It should be the human’s decision who can enter their territory not the dog – RESULT!



Flash is not only attending socialisation classes but as you can see from the photos below has being enjoying doing some agility. He is making excellent progress and is on the road to a calm and fulfilled life due to the dedication of his owners and some guidance from Dalesman Dog Psychology.